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Term & Condition

This Balipackagetour.com site and each modules, is the copyrighted property of Lucky Tour. We are providers and distributors, hotels information and other leisure travel information own much of the content found on this site. None of the content or data found on this site may be reproduced, sold, transferred, or modified without the express written permission of luckybalitour.com

Balipackagetour.com has endeavored to ensure that all information in this homepage is accurate at the time publishing, but cannot accept responsibility for accuracy, or truth of statements made. Illustrations are intended to set the mood of each hotel/accommodation and may not present actual views as seen on specific hotels, villas and/or accommodation.

Special Rates are quoted in US Dollars (US$) or Rupiah (IDR), include local tax and service charge and subject to change without prior notice. Our special rates are always maintained below the hotel published rate and never higher than hotel published rate.
Note : To avoid any inconveniences, some of the hotel has the Surcharge for High Season & Peak season therefore please pay attention for this matter.

We recommend that you secure your reservations for any of these hotels through our Online Hotel Reservation. Online Hotel Reservation is free services without any membership. Operated by Balipackagetour.com to provide such information and accommodations of hotel, resort, villas etc in Bali and Beyond. The services, which is offered in Online Hotel Reservation, Published rates, Special Rates, etc. is Legal. You may only use this site to make legitimate reservation or purchase and shall not use this site to make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation or any reservation in anticipating of demand. Any Internet user can take benefit from the Special Rates offer services by browsing at the database. Special Rates offer are those that are sold by luckybalitour.com to its clients.
We respect and will continue to respect the privacy of our customers who use balipackagetour.com reservation system.

All reservation will be proceeding if you fill completely our Reservation Form. Your reservation will be reply within 2 x 24 hours. If your reservation is not confirmed our staffs will inform you and give the other suggestion. To secure your reservation we request your Copy Credit Card front and back, Copy Passport Photo Page and signature which should be sending by Fax after you submit your reservation.

We request the Full prepayment for hotel & additional service charge by Credit Card and or Cash, and our Accounting Department will debit your credit card at least 14 Days prior arrival (Low Season) and 30 Days at a Peak/High Season. All rate is quoted in US Dollar (US$). However, all transaction will be converted into Rupiah (IDR) and exchange rate based on the time of transaction. There is 3.5% additional of bank fee as well.
We prefer some of Credit Card : Visa Card, Master Card and AMEX

The cancellation fee will not charge by luckybalitour.com.com. However cancellation fees might be charged by other contractors such as Hotel, Transportation and other arranger with whom agreement have been made and for such condition that may occur, these fees will be charge to the clients. No refunds will be made if a booking should be only partly utilized, Breakfast and / or other added values are not taken, or if other services booked are not utilized. No refunds for all reservation which is cancelled within 14 Days prior arrival (Low Season) and 30 Days prior to arrival (High/Peak season).

We will send your Confirmation Number & Performa Invoice by e-mail or facsimile when your reservation is already confirmed. Note: Please mention your Confirmation Number if you have any other inquiry such as Optional or Package Tours or any other arrangement.

Each traveler shall be responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa (s) and carry a valid passport at all times. All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of passports with at least six months validity beyond anticipated return date and have proof of onward journey, either return of through tickets.

All tour arrangements are made by our Lucky Tour as agent for contractors of tourist services only. luckybalitour will in no event be liable for any injury, damage, loss, theft or acts of default of any carrier, hotelier, other party or employees of such in performing the services for which tickets of exchange orders are issued. Due to circumstances beyond our control there may be unforeseen changes in sightseeing or hotels. Luckybalitour.com will make every effort to keep the itineraries as they are shown.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any claim or legal action arising relating this agreement, the regulations of the Republic of Indonesia shall rule.

Additional Terms and conditions may apply to reservation, purchase of services and other uses of portion of this site and you agree to abide by such other terms & conditions.